Kathy A. Graff

Pink lily flowers photograph

Potted lily plants at Ziedler Park farmers market, 14 July 2004


I often get a reaction of surprise when people learn that I do a considerable amount of writing. I guess it is a popular myth that people who are technically orientated can't or won't write, nor read.

My undergraduate experience included an intensive first year course titled Communications taught in the English Department. Other courses required formal lab reports and term papers. In graduate school and later as a researcher documenting procedures and course development projects eventually lead to writing for peer reviewed journals. Participation in various hobbies and social organizations has lead to writing and editing newsletters as a volunteer.


Although I have been doing blog-style things since the early 1990's, I also tried using dedicated blog software (as opposed to using a text editor to write stories for web pages). Not sure how much I like working with OPS (other people's software), but I have found participating in several communities interesting.

On this web site

I am organizing my writing chronologically and may add older material I find to this section. For new material though, check my WordPress blog.



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